Save $30,000 With a Simple Procedure


By: Steve Stokes, COO
Published: July 3, 2019

If someone told you that there was a simple and easy way to save $30,000, what would you do? Personally, I would probably dismiss the message as spam and get on with my day. However, if you wear glasses and contacts, I encourage you to read on. Spoiler alert: this article weighs the pros and cons of LASIK. If you are not exactly sure what LASIK is, there are many types. Click here to read about the different types of LASIK surgery. 


The number one concern that people have with LASIK is safety. Is it safe? I mean really, is it? Eye surgeons hear this question many times every single day. The fact is that the risk of wearing contact lenses is far more dangerous to your vision than getting LASIK. Even if you are pretty good about keeping your contact lenses clean and changed, your risk of a serious eye infection is significantly more with contacts than with LASIK.

In the video above, Dr. Bennett Walton of Slade & Baker Vision in Houston discusses the risks of modern all-laser LASIK vs. contact lenses.

There’s not much risk with glasses, however not being able to find your glasses in an emergency situation can be a frightening thing. In this video, Lisa from Chicago discusses how she extinguished her fears with LASIK.


There’s no denying the fact that glasses and/or contacts can impact your daily activities. Everything from swimming to driving, or even cooking can be a total pain. Imagine if you never had to worry about your glasses prohibiting you from a breathtaking view on your next hike, or if you didn’t have to worry about your contact lenses fogging up while doing something simple like boiling pasta. 

With LASIK surgery, clarity can be your new reality. It’s almost something out of a science fiction movie. A single 15-minute procedure can leave you with 20/20 vision, permanently. And the best part about it is that patients can resume daily activities within 24 hours. 

In these videos, our patients discuss their incredible and vastly different lifestyle change with LASIK.


And now, for the reason you came to this article: How much does it cost? There are two types of LASIK. LASIK with a blade and bladeless LASIK. For more information on the difference read our article on $220 LASIK. We only offer bladeless LASIK, so any price mentioned here refers to premium LASIK. 

The national average for all-laser LASIK is between $4,000 and $4,400 for bilateral (both eyes) surgery. Most Vision Care Connect centers offer 24 month, 0% financing. It comes out to an estimated $166 per month. Less than your cable bill. 


This may seem expensive, but when compared to the lifetime cost of glasses and contacts, there is a whopping $34,010 average in savings. Not to mention the added benefits of safety and positive lifestyle change. This graphic provides a thorough breakdown of the costs.

Get Your Eyes Checked

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