We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts
— Jeff Bezos


Here’s what you can expect ….and it’s awesome.

Vision Care Connect Seminars serve the function of bringing together groups of potential customers and giving the client the opportunity to increase sales by focusing on a particular subject or service they offer. This is accomplished through strategic use of the Vision Care Connect systems and its social media reach group.  The seminar is used to familiarize the customer more extensively with the product or service the client offers. The client also has the opportunity to interact with the customer helping to build trust, assurance, and value into the client's brand, product, and service.  

Vision Care Connect Seminars are designed for and executed through social media and Google. Carefully crafted messages and directives are delivered through video and links that are designed to attract the exact customer our client is looking for. Targeting may consist of geographical location, age, sex, interests and consumer behaviors, among other things. This process requires algorithmic precision and is orchestrated to maximize results. 

After the potential customer has engaged in the campaign, they are qualified in accordance with our client’s specifications and offered a spot at the seminar, subject to the client’s confirmation. The Vision Care Connect Systems have proven to be up to 5 times more effective than traditional seminar advertising models. 




Patient education was once a job for only physicians, but today all team members assume the responsibility for educating patients and helping them to become responsible for their own health status.


Online Comment and Reputation Management 

Our secret source comes in the form of really looking out for our clients. Online Comment Management (OCM) has become a key aspect of business growth across the board. 

Vision Care Connect is able to monitor comment threads across all facebook pages and online review sites, that are relevant to the client. They are monitored and reported on. This is an integral part of maximizing the campaigns over success. 

All comments generated for the individual campaigns are targeted and monitored from a single management system where they can be monitored constantly ensuring any comments that are detrimental to the clients brand and to the campaign are hidden from the public's view in a systematic manner. OCM is a key ingredient in today’s social media landscape and the Vision Care Connect systems are second to none.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire
— W.B. Yeats


Digital Campaigns 

The Vision Care Connect systems enable us to target campaigns on behalf of the client and the product or service they are providing. We have the ability to target customers in accordance to the client’s needs. Targeting may consist of geographical location, age, sex, interests, and consumer behaviors, among other things. 

The Vision Care Connect system has the advantage of both running and monitoring a number of different and continuous online campaigns at any given time. This process allows us to find the most successful and relatable message through video and direct links to a site. Data is then collected and processes are implemented increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall campaign and maximizing its results.  Campaigns are run at peak times of Facebook consumption, which can be outside of normal business hours. This proves invaluable to clients wanting to reach an audience they may not have been able to reach prior to engaging Vision Care Connect. Once the user is engaged in the campaign, they are directed to an online form and information is collected specifically to the client’s needs. 


Your Seminar campaigns 

We run multiple campaigns that focus on individual procedures and outcomes to motivate attendance. We focus on specific procedures which naturally break down along demographics (e.g., age, sex, etc.). By focusing on a need people have, we motivate people to take action.  The seminar itself can include any topics you want to cover.

Possible campaigns

  1. LASIK 

  2. KAMRA | IOL

  3. Cataract | RLE | IOL 

Client to provide a structured presentation that funnels patients into the booking process at the end of the seminar.

Deal Points

  • Promotion Content (videos)

  • Promotion on and off Facebook including geographically focused Google video.

  • 15 attendees guarantee 

    • We have confidence in our partnerships, so will we refund $145 for each non attending patient below 15 attendees or conversions to appointment (cost of a general consultation).

  • Inclusive of all attendees

Payment Terms

  • Advance payment is due 30 days in advance of the first seminar date. 

Qualified Attendee

  • Over 18; and 

  • Medically qualified within the qualification guidelines



Businesses are having a ton of success with our seminar campaigns. Increase your personal presence, company culture, and customer referrals by contacting us today.


Medical Disqualifications  

The Vision Care Connect Seminar attendees are asked a series of qualifying questions prior to reserving their place at the seminar. Only those that DO NOT have one of the medical conditions listed below are invited to reserve a place. Those who attended a seminar and are found to have entered misleading information about their health will not be eligible for the advertised seminar offer and will not be counted as a Qualified Attendee. 

  • Bilateral Cataract Surgery

  • Keratoconus

A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself
— David J. Greer


Vision Care Connect Seminars work hand in hand with the Vision Care Connect membership and combining the two systems maximizes overall results.  

Vision Care Connect Seminars + Vision Care Connect membership 

  • Greatly expand your market geography

  • Increase your consultations in a given 30 days

  • Definable and accountable results

  • Increase in completed surgeries 

For more information on our exclusive Vision Care Connect membership please contact us today.